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Exotic, Hardwood and Hardwood Live Edge Slabs

Live Bidding Starts NOW June 11th, 2021 10:00am

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Exotic, Hardwood and Hardwood Live Edge Slabs 

Starting Date: June 11th, 2021 10:00am

Inspection: MondayJune 21st, 2021 10am- 5pm

Closing Date: June 22nd, 2021 Lots Start closing at 10:00am 

Removal Times: June 23rd – June 29th. 

Auction Location:333 S. Commercial Street Aransas Pass, Texas 78336

Over the last 4 years South Texas Creations has been recovering exotic woods form the Gulf of Mexico, Area Bays and the Intercoastal Water Way’s and along with collecting some of our Texas favorite.

This is a rare opportunity to bid on the hard-to-find exotic wood slaps. Magnolia, Honduran Mahogany, Sinker Cypress, Ash, Pecan, Texas Cedar Elm, Texas Mesquite, Texas Live Oak and the list goes on. Multiple sources have yet to some of the Species. Please check out some of the finished projects and what the finished wood would look like. Please note all slabs have been kiln dried. When you come to inspection don’t forget to get some of the Gulf’s fresh shrimp.  


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Seller’s Note:

I want to make sure people don’t miss out and that no wood is overlooked  Cottonwood, like hackberry and others is one wood species in the past that was overlooked but not anymore and in some areas growing rapidly in appeal.   All of the cottonwood lumber I have and acquired was recovered from the ocean.  I believe the extended period of time many of the logs spent in the ocean salt water ( some probably years ) reacts with the natural components inside the wood to create something new and more beautiful and unique.  Some of the logs recovered there has been most likely shipworm and or gribble activity to varying degrees also creating more natural beauty that can be highlighted in a project. Ocean salvaged cottonwood log slab lumber has been the first choice to use of many customers for their woodworking projects.  The colors and grain patterns found in cottonwood vary immensely, it can range from a very light colored blonde to as dark of a color range closer to a walnut and everywhere in-between in the same slab.  Some of the most loved images of finished woodworking projects we completed have been from ocean salvaged cottonwood slabs.  So judge and decide for yourself what you love and want to buy and use not a past and out-dated opinion..  If you wish to see some finished projects that used ocean salvaged cottonwood go to south texas creations on facebook and look for yourself, you’ll be amazed at the beauty that was hidden inside those ocean logs. 

These are finished products of the wood slabs offered. Only for Representation.


333 S. Commercial Street Aransas Pass, Texas 78336

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